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Why can't people just be content with their own beliefs?

Apr. 24th, 2009 | 03:47 pm
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I mean, seriously.  If people are supposedly content with their religion why do they feel the need to exploit it and push it in your face?  It all comes down to control and it's fucking ridiculous.  Just be happy with that you believe in and rejoice in it; leave everybody else the fuck alone.  Enjoy your day doing anything else and be grateful that you have it u.u  I was polite with these Mormons; I almost kind of pity them.  I have "scarred" them once before haha, but some people are far from understanding. 

Enjoying the first day of my nineteenth year at life ^^  And I do hope everybody is doing the same, without interrupting anybody else!

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some 420 knowledge

Apr. 21st, 2009 | 11:50 pm
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So, yesterday was the national holiday for stoners, simply known as 420.  Mine was pretty good.  I'm digging up a little info on people's thoughts, attributions, and facts to the meaning and beginning of the tradition that befalls every April 20th,

fun factsCollapse )

And now for songs about/great while smoking marijuana!
Tom Petty-Last Dance With Mary Jane
Baby Bash-Sugar, How'd You Get So Fly?
Afroman-Cuz I Got High
The Eagles-Hotel California
Janis Joplin-Mary Jane
Sublime-Smoke Two Joints

Great To Listen To While High:
Butthole Surfers-Pepper
The Byrds-Turn, Turn, Turn
Iron and Wine-White Tooth Man
The Pixes-Where is My MInd?
The Beatles <3
Sublime-Scarlet Begonias

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jealousy and such.

Apr. 19th, 2009 | 01:28 am
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music: Sublime-Scarlet Begonias

Jealousy is almost the worst emotion you could feel.  There really is not quick fix for getting over it, and even the person you are getting jealous of can never really convince you not to be until you yourself feel trusting and convinced.  Usually, there is hardly any real meaning behind it all, but you just get so caught up and start feeling insecure and, that you can't let yourself see that.

I definitely don't get like this too often with my boyfriend-we have a very good sex-life, really connect with each other, constantly see or text each other, and just generally think one another is the sun shine~~ Pretty queer, yea, lol.  Stuff like that.  So, I have no real reason to feel jealousy.  It happens more than it should (usually at work or if I feel angsty) and it makes me almost hate the fact that like someone this much, I would get these ridiculous, annoying feelings.  Ugh >_< Makes a girl feel vulnerable. 

What's worse than feeling occasionally jealous are those girls you always see clinging onto their boyfriend for dear life.  Like, they're so insecure they have to make sure every bitch knows that he's their, and if we give the slightest look possibly indicating otherwise, they go as far as to get in your face about it.  Or, they'll come up to the counters at work and make their boyfriends say everything for them, all while standing off to the side while glaring with you and scoffing as they walk by.  Seriously, wtf?  I'm sorry that the register girl at the movie theatre is hotter than you, and your boyfriends looks, trust me.  I have no other interest in your boyfriend aside from his money.  Get a fucking grip.  Stop being so fucking stupid, girls.  Pretty girls should just get along, not get jealous.  

Oh girls, why are you so dumb so often?  Ugh, my back seriosuly hurts.  And my ribs ;~;  I just ate a whole box of DOTS, while forgetting that I have work tomorrow, so I should go to bed right about now.

"anybody else want a soda?  I'm going to go inside and get a soda."

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Apr. 18th, 2009 | 01:16 am
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music: Head Automatica-Beating Heart Baby

starsinapril "s alternative journal.  Less shallow.  More involved.  I care, I really do.  And rant, often.  Such things I can't always express when I finally sit behind my pink laptop.  Anyway!  Air pollution:

I had no idea how bad air pollution was in some parts of the world, even in the United States.  A cloud of smog can be seen from a hill overlooking the city of Los Angeles in this picture taken in 2005.  I can only assume it has gotten worse.

I thought that Beijing or Mexico City had the worse of the air pollution (they have it so so bad!), but Wikipedia has some sources from the World Bank that tells me otherwise.  The top nine offenders are

Cairo, Egypt
Delhi, India
Kolkata, India
Tianjin, China
Chongging, China
Kanpur, India
Lucknow, India
Jakarta, Indonesia
Shenyang, China

That's devastating about Cairo.  I have always wanted to go there.  My brother went to the Middle East last Summer and told me that the area surrounding the pyramids in completely trashed; that's why pictures of them are always taken at such angles to hide them.  He said that a lot of the towns over there were disgusting ;~; 

It's hard not to drive.  I have been without a car only since Monday and already I find it unbearable.  But, plenty of things are accessible without the need of a car.  Libraries, groceries, a fast snack, video rentals, and such.  We need to all do something to help.  Unfortunately a giant vacuum cleaner is not going to come down and clear the air for us.  Tis our fault.  Tis up to us. 

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